आपल्या तालुक्यात, गावात माती परीक्षण डिजिटल प्रयोगशाळा सुरु करा.पात्रता - 12 वी पास, पदवीधर , प्रशिक्षण 2 दिवस सम्पर्क विनोद सर 9403628138 It is authorise by Indian Agricultural Research Institute(IARI) and Indian council of Agricultural Research(ICAR) new Delhi

Soil Test Digital Lab
(Digital Lab)

It is developed by Scientists at Indian Agricultural Research Institute,New Delhi .Pusa is manufacturing PUSA Digital Soil test and Fertilizer Recommendation Digital Lab kit.This soil testing kit helps farmers in testing 12 parameters of soil i.e Soil pH, EC, Organic Carbon, Available Nitrogen,Phosphorous, Potassium,Sulphur and Micronutrients like Zinc, Manganese, Boron, Iron and additional 3 parameters Lime requirement, Gypsum requirement , Calcium Carbonate and recommends crop-specific fertiliser dose for 100 crops within a short time and thus helps them to achieve higher yields, increase their income and keeps soil fertile.

Benefits of Digital Lab

  • Helps in determining the available nutrients in the soil
  • It determine the correct dosage of Fertilisers according to the crop
  • Saves money of farmers
  • Optimal use of fertiliser also ensures good health of ground water
  • Increase crop yield and hence farmers have more income
  • Soil tests can be done within a short time
  • Accurate and reliable digital results
  • Can be handled by an Under Graduate level person after training
  • Issues printed Soil Health Card and also sends Soil test Reports on SMS.
  • Features of Soil Test Digital Lab

  • It can be operated by young educated farmes / rural youth (12th pass) with short training.
  • Tests 12 parameter of soil
  • Recommends Crop Specific Fertiliser Dose for 100 Crops
  • Print Soil Health Card
  • Sends Soil Health Card to farmers on SMS
  • Battary Backup of 6 Hours
  • Can be charged via Solar Panel that comes with kit
  • Parts of Digital Lab

  • Digital STFR Meter
  • Mini Shaker
  • Thermal Printer
  • Mini Weighing Scale
  • Reagent kit
  • Accessories kit
  • Glassware
  • Plastic ware
  • Solar Panel
  • Pen-Drive with Training Videos
  • Parameters Tested by Soil Test Digital Lab

  • 1. Soil reaction (pH)
  • 2. Salt content (EC)
  • 3. Organic Carbon
  • 4. Available Nitrogen
  • 5. Available Phosphorus
  • 6. Available Potassium
  • 7. Available Sulphur (Micronutrient)
  • 8. Available Boron
  • 9. Available Zinc
  • 10. Available Iron
  • 11. Available Manganese
  • 12. Lime requirment of acidic soil
  • 13. Gypsum requirment of alkali soil