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Kisan Agricultur Foundation

Kisan Agriculture Foundation is basically in Soil Testing

In this era, several facilities are available for farmers to make boost their production. They can take suggestions to improve soil fertility. As per the scenario, farmers should take the advantage of soil testing facilities that not only provide you the growth as well as escape you from extra hard work.

In order to achieve the desired goals and meet the top production along with quality, this soil measurements are quite enough at a very nominal cost.

soil test report the grower does not require to make assumptions.

In agriculture today, anecdotal evidence suggests the percentage has improved. To remain profitable in agriculture under present conditions, every farmer and grower should consider that fertility levels must be measured. These measurements can then be used to manage soil fertility to more precisely achieve top production and quality, while still keeping costs at the minimum necessary to meet the goal. Two types of soil test are recommend to get better efficiency. a) Soil Test Recommendation b)Soil Fertigation Recommendation. We are having various labs like soil water plant testing lab, soil and plant tissue lab,soil nutrients analysis laboratory to get various soil test done. We are capable of providing our customers agriculture soil testing,soil fertilizer test, soil and water testing, soil and plant nutrients test.

A soil sample must be taken at the right time and in the right way. The tools used, the area sampled, the depth and the correct mix of the sample, the information provided, and packaging all influence quality of the sample.